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Desborough College, up to the age of 16, is a boys’ school and is characterised by a boy-friendly environment where lessons are typically energetic, challenging and fun; where teachers genuinely enjoy working with boys and understand implicitly what makes them tick; where there is so much going on outside of the classroom that everyone can find something that they can excel at whether that be as a scrum half, jazz saxophonist or chess player. Academic excellence and extra-curricular opportunity are the twin strands of Desborough’s DNA.

At Desborough we aspire to provide that educational alchemy which taps into the core strengths of boys: their innate sense of fair play, their sense of humour and their sheer determination to succeed.

We take seriously our responsibility to nurture the growth in young people of respect, responsibility, kindness and individuality as well as providing opportunities for the achievement of excellence in the academic, aesthetic, cultural and sporting spheres.

Over recent years we have refined our approaches to the education of our boys and have developed The Desborough Way of doing things. We believe that boys benefit from a “firm but fair” approach; a disciplined environment with clear structures, boundaries and ground rules, with the underlying acknowledgement that boys do occasionally get it wrong-they lose things, procrastinate and occasionally struggle to tuck their shirts in!

At Desborough boys develop life-long friendships- a “band of brothers”, relishing the enjoyment of going through school together and being themselves in an all-boys environment, encouraged to find the “best version of themselves” as young men when they leave: self-confident and equipped with personal skills such as leadership, teamwork and tenacity.

Paul Frazer.

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