Greenwood Way, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 6EF


Didcot Cricket Club has 4 senior teams playing in the Cherwell Cricket League on Saturday afternoons.

1st XI – The role of the 1st XI is to offer cricket at the highest and most competitive level possible for all Club Members.

2nd XI – The role of the 2nd XI is to provide a high standard of cricket which will enable the most promising juniors and good senior players to force their way into the 1st XI.

3rd XI – The 3rd XI will be a squad for the clubs younger promising juniors with senior players acting as mentors to enable progression to the 2nd XI.

4th XI – The 4th XI will be a squad for the clubs younger promising juniors who are  beginning their journey into open age cricket with senior players acting as mentors.

Sunday XI – The Sunday XI team ethos will be based around enjoyment and participation whilst still giving the opportunity for players to enjoy a game and progress to the Club’s other League Teams.

Senior Team Captains

First XI – Jordan Morrison |07988 474567  | Contact
Second XI – Kieren Beasley |07535 774732  | Contact
Third XI – Tim Read |07500 771448 | Contact
Fourth XI – Pete Sykes | 07717 674340 | Contact

Training takes place at Boundary Park on a Tuesday evening from 18:00.

Head Coach – Ian Demain

The club is always on the look out for new players. If you are interested in joing us come along to one of our training session or click here to contact us

Club Honours & Statistics

Thanks to the hard work of Richard Bishop and Dave Allen, the club has a statistical archive which goes back to when the club was founded. Whilst we would like to claim it covers every player and every ball bowled, that would probably be overly optimistic but it certainly includes the vast majority of all cricket played.

Overall Individual Records (Surnames A-K)
Overall Individual Records (Surnames L-Z)
Overall Team Records
1st XI Team Records
2nd XI Team Records
3rd XI Team Records
4th XI Team Records
1st XI Individual Records
2nd XI Individual Records
3rd XI Individual Records
4th XI Individual Records
Downs XI Individual Records
Non-League Individual Records (Surnames A-K)
Non-League Individual Records (Surnames L-Z)

Club Batting Club Bowling
1978      Paul Oakley Terry Dale
1979 Paul Oakley Mick Roberts
1980 Paul Oakley Mark Edward
1981 Chris Pollard Dave Allen
1982 Mervyn Watling Dave Allen
1983 Mervyn Watling Dave Allen
1984 Dave Allen Dave Allen
1985 Dave Allen Dave Allen
1986 Nigel Matthews Paul Norden
1987 Gary Hunt Steve Andrews
1988 Gary Hunt Dave Allen
1989 Gary Hunt Dave Allen
1990 Gary Hunt Paul Morrison
1991 Paul Oakley Paul Morrison
1992    Gary Hunt Paul Morrison
1993 Julian Hitchman Paul Morrison
Year 1st XI Batting 1st XI Bowling 2nd XI Batting 2nd XI Bowling 3rd XI Batting 3rd XI Bowling 4th XI Batting 4th XI Bowling
1994 Dave Allen Gavin Lees Derek Lloyd
1995 Paul Oakey Steve King Clive House
1996 Gary Hunt Dave Allen Steve Pryor
1997 Andy Broughton Steve Pryor Derek Lloyd Mike Slade
1998 Julian Hitchman Neil Spencer Ian Webber Paul Morrison
1999 Ross Morgan Julian Hitchman Gary Hunt Steve King
2000 Graeme McPherson David Slade Jnr Andy Broughton Jason Hensley
2001 Ross Morgan Julian Hitchman Andy Broughton Cameron Clapton
2002 Simon Pritchard Simon Pritchard Andy Ireson Mike Slade
2003 Simon Pritchard Steve Richardson Gary Hunt Séan Wilmott
2004 Andy Broughton Steve Richardson Dave Green Mike Slade
2005 Andy Ireson Matt Jones Dave Allen Prasad Kankadandi José Taboada Rajat Sawhney
2006 Matt Jones Matt Jones Dave Allen Prasad Kankadandi Andy Griffiths Ben Strange
2007 Matt Jones Matt Jones Prasad Kankadandi Joel Hunt Sean Winton Adrian Chadwick
2008 Matt Jones Richard Cook Jordan Morrison Dan Alderson Henry Latimer Rob Kenworthy
2009 Richard Cook Julian Hitchman Viraj Perera Dan Alderson Paul Costello Robert Green Clive House Jack Broughton
2010 Vishane Perera Matt Jones Viraj Perera Séan Wilmott Santosh Bhat Sam Couldrick James Bywater Alex Rodman
2011 Matt Jones Julian Hitchman Prased Kankadandi Dave Allen Chris Bowler Carl Hancock Alex Rodman Travis Green
2012 Ian Dermain David Slade Jnr Sam Couldrick Andy Griffiths Elliot Matthews Travis Green Tim Read Ross Coles
2013 Simon Pritchard David Slade Jnr James Head Jnr Andy Griffiths James Head Snr Chris Strange Jack Brown Ross Coles
2014 Simon Pritchard David Slade Jnr James Head Jnr Andy Griffiths James Head Snr Chris Strange Jack Brown Ross Coles
2015 Ian Demain Aiden Kammel Kieren Beesley Kunal Patel Prasad Kankadandi Alan Prothero

Qualification – Centuries & Seven+ Wickets

1995      Paul Oakley 135* Faringdon
1995 Paul Witts 106 Westbury II
1996 Simon Pritchard 108 Enysham
1996 John Stropps 7-25 Faringdon
1996 Dave Allen 7-28 Westcott
1997 Julian Hitchman 101* Hailey
1997 Ian Concannon 103* Begbroke II
1997 Mike Slade 8-20 Freeland II
1998 Julian Hitchman 130* Fringford
1999 Julian Hitchman 112 Broughton
1999 Julian Hitchman 101* Chinnor
1999 Mike Slade 7-26 Oxford Rescue II
2000 Mike Slade 7-42 Swindon GWR II
2000 Dave Slade Jnr 7-41 Bletchindon
2001 Julian Hitchman 122 Wendover
2001 Andy Broughton 100* Moreton-in-Marsh II
2002 Andy Ireson 110* Oxford & Horspath IV
2002 Simon Pritchard 106* Bicester & North Oxford II
2003 Simon Pritchard 108* Challow & Childrey II
2004 Simon Pritchard 101* Challow & Childrey II
2004 Viraj Perera 101 Aylesbury Town
2004 Matt Jones 106* Chalgrove
2005 Matt Jones 8-28 Brackley
2005 José Taboda 117* SSJ Willows II
2005 Andy Ireson 108* Milton Keynes Park II
2006 Matt Jones 116 Chearsley
2006 Dave Allen 101 Long Marston II
2006 Dave Green 109 Abingdon Vale II
2006 Simon Birkenshaw 108* Tiddington III
2007 Matt Jones 144 Bicester & North Oxford II
2007 Matt Jones 118 Oxford Downs II
2008 Dave Allen 107 Kingston Bagpuize II
2008 Stewart Green 8-16 Kingston Bagpuize II
2008 Matt Jones 129 Bicester & North Oxford II
2008 Matt Jones 115 Bicester & North Oxford II
2009 Andy Ireson 111* Oxford Downs III
2009 Clive House 123 Bicester & North Oxford III
2009 Viraj Perera 110 Stokenchurch II
2009 Tom Kennedy 147* Wolverton II
2009 Richard Cook 106 Bourton Vale II
2009 Richard Cook 105* Wolverton II
2010 Matt Jones 7-60 Shipton II
2011 Matt Jones 116* Cropedy II
2011 Alex Rodman 108 Kingston Bagpuize II
2012 Dave Slade Jnr 7-37 Horspath III
2012 Simon Pritchard 128 Kimble
2012 Ian Demain 144* Banbury IV
2012 Kieren Beesley 7-56 Shipton IV
2012 Matt Jones 7-37 Tiddington II
2012 Dave Allen 8-26 Sandford St Martin II
2013 Dave Slade Jnr 9-31 Stokenchurch
2013 Prasad Kankadandi 104 Oxford and Bletchingdon Nondescripts III
2013 Dave Slade Jnr 7-27 Chearsley
2013 Karl Johnston 118 Shipton III
2013 James Bywater 137 Oxford and Bletchingdon Nondescripts III
2013 Prasad Kankadandi 101* Sandford St Martin II
2015 Rob Keat 8-73 Great & Little Tew
2015 Alan Prothero 7-26 Cumnor III
2015 Luke Higgins 8-60 Banbury V
2015 Aiden Kammel 7-20 Great & Little Tew


Berkshire Downs League Members

1979-2003, 2009-2011, 2013-Present

Oxfordshire Crisket Association (OCA)League


Cherwell League Members


Club Honours

Berkshire Downs League Division 1 Champions

1983, 1984, 1996, 2011

OCA Steve Dixon Cup Winners

1994, 1995

OCA Premier Division 4 Champions


OCA Premier Division 3 Champions


OCA Telegraph Cup Winners


OCA Premier Division 2 Champions


Berkshire Downs League Division 3 Champions


Cherwell League Division 6 Champions


Cherwell League Division 8 Champions (2nd XI)


Cherwell League Division 4 Champions


John Hall Award Club Person of the Year Most Improved Player
1980  Paul Oakley Chris Pollard Not Awarded
1981 Dave Allen Mike Oakley Steve Oakley
1982 Mark Eldred John Hall Paul Norden
1983 Mervyn Watling David Prior Norman Boast
1984 Dave Allen Mike Oakley Paul Morrison
1985 Dave Allen Gary Hunt Keith Hickman
1986 Paul Norden Gary Hunt Not Awarded
1987 Gary Hunt, Steve Davies, Steve Andrews Gary Hunt Not Awarded
1988 Gary Hunt David Pryor Lee Harris
1989 Dave Allen Paul Morrison Not Awarded
1990 No Record Paul Morrison Andy Broughton
1991 No Record Andy Broughton David Maunder
1992 No Record David Slade Steve Oakley
1993 No Record David Slade & Ian Webber Richard Bishop
1994 No Record Ian Webber Joel Cliffe
1995 No Record Mike Slade Clive House
1996 No Record Steve Davies Steve Pryor
1997 John Waterman Steve Davies Steve Morrison
1998 Steve Morrison Steve Davies Mike Slade
1999 Simon Pritchard Steve Davies Steve Morrison
2000 Simon Pritchard Richard Bishop Neil Spencer
2001 Alistar Pollock Richard Bishop Nathan Conn
2002 Andy Spindler David Slade Graham Cass
2003 Paul Costello Graham Dennie James Casson
2004 Dave Taylor Clive House Tom Kennedy
2005 Derek Lloyd Steve Pryor Andy Spindler
2006 Mervyn Davis José Taboada Tom Kennedy
2007 Matt Jones Richard Bishop Paul Costello
2008 Jonathan Hall Paul Costello Henry Brisland
2009 Gordon Latimer Matt Jones Vishane Perera
2010 Ross Fryatt Alison Brisland Henry Latimer
2011 Julian Hitchman Les Addison James Bywater
2012 Dave Allen Mike Slade Jonathan Meardon
2013 Stephen Gates Simon Birkinshaw Rob Keat
2014 Helen Meardon Tim Read Ryan Higgins
2015 Rob Keat Allison & Pete Sykes Alan Prothero

In 2013 it was decided to introduce a first team cap, to be awarded to those playing members of the club who have made a significant contribution to the club’s premier side.

In the same year the lifetime achievement award was introduced to recognise those club members who have given exceptional service to the club over a number of years, be it on or off the pitch.

Didcot Cricket Club Lifetime Award Winner

Clive House
Dave Slade Snr
Gary Hunt

Didcot Cricket Club Capped Players

1.  Stephen Gates
2. Dan Alderson
3. Dave Allen
4. Shaun Burningham
5. Henry Brisland
6. Ian Demain
7. Ross Fryant
8. Matt Jones
9. Connor Morrison
10. Jordan Morrison
11. Viraj Perera
12. Simon Pritchard
13. Steve Richardson
14. David Slade Jnr
15. Andrew Spindler
16. Rob Keat
17. Aiden Kammel
18. Sam Couldrick
19. Karl Johnston

John Hall Junior Player of the Year

2001      Joe Cronley
2002     Tom Pryor
2003     Séan Willmott
2004     Séan Willmott
2005     Vishane Perera
2006     Rob Kenworthy
2007     Richard Cook
2008     Richard Cook
2009     Vishane Perera
2010     Sam Couldrick
2011      Connor Morrison
2012      Sam Couldrick
2013     Jonathan Reardon
2014     Elliot Matthews
2015     Elliot Matthews

Senior Player of the Year

2009     Simon Pritchard
2010     Matt Jones
2011      Julian Hitchman
2012     Ian Demain
2013     Simon Pritchard
2014     Ian Demain
2015     Ian Demain

2nd XI Player of the Year

1994     Dereck Lloyd
1995     Clive House
1996     Steve Pryor